Adventures of a Bri

Just tibits I find around the internet, notes on what I do, and lots and lots of pictures. I am a 19 year old Nanny, Model, and student

Behind the scenes from a recent hair show. It looked like Princess Leia hair for a bit!

Steamboat Rock out in Eastern Washington. Nice quick little hike, a bit of a goat climb. Amazing views though

A 9 1/2 hour ER visit with my boyfriend. I blame the crazy faces on lack of sleep and morphine.

The first of many trips out into the wilderness. It is time to chase the sun and sea.

Working on my latte art at work today plus this little guy, which was a gift from the guys upstairs.


Room 123

Eric Wimberly

Brianna Keeling

Latest shoot with the lovely Eric Wimberly!

Little Gingee!

Last day with Toby

Last day with Toby